Tapoi collects users' online activities from social networks and custom sources.
It semantically analyzes the collected activities understanding precisely the meaning of texts, urls, places and tags.
Tapoi builds rich and detailed user profiles describing the interests and preferences demonstrated by the users’ activities.
It offers the tools for studying particular verticals of interests and for answering to specific questions.

Our sources

Tapoi natively supports Facebook and Twitter social netwoks.
Facebook contributes to user profiles not only with demographic information but also with the outcome of the semantic analysis of visited places, posts, shares and likes.
Twitter support comprehends the semantic analysis of personal tweets and hashtags with influences from friends and followers.
Custom sources can be added to Tapoi in order to support the analysis of the user activities on a client platform.

Semantic analysis

Tapoi analysis consists of activity categorization, semnatic analysis of boht texts and URLs, geo-localization and image capturing.
All information extracted during the analysis contribute the creation and maintenance of a user profile.

Vertical dimension analysis

Tapoi offers the means for analyzing specific vertical dimensions of the user profile.
Define the dimensions that are important for you. Analyze all the aspects and points of view of each dimension. Segment and cluster your user base within a particular dimension of interest.


The dimensions of analysis are highly configurable.
The process is easy and does not require a data scientist in order to be completed.
Through Tapoi dashboard is possible to configure custom vertical dimenstions in order to explore and analyze specific categories of interests within the user profiles.