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What is Tapoi?

Tapoi is an innovative customer intelligence service for web portals and mobile applications. It provides actionable knowledge on the interests and attitudes of online visitors, allowing the optimization of offers and contents and the improvement of the users' experience. This knowledge is of key importance for improving both the convertion rates and the customers' loyalty.

The technological core of Tapoi is a profiling engine that can be specifically tailored to a vertical domain. This engine is able to collect the users' activities from the social networks and to semantically analyze them in order to capture deep and detailed knowledge about their interests and preferences.

Tapoi allows to:

Know your users

Get access to the specific interests and attitudes of your user base. Analyze your users' profiles and study vertical dimensions. Segment your customers based on demographics and interests.

Personalize contents

Through Tapoi you can personalise in real-time the contents proposed and delivered to your users. Present each user with those solutions and offers that most suit and interest her.

Boost your sales

Boost your conversion rates and increase your customers' loyalty. Target customers' niches with tailored offers. With Tapoi, you know what your users want: stop presenting every user with the same contents!


Tapoi collects users' online activities from social networks and custom sources.
It semantically analyzes the collected activities understanding precisely the meaning of texts, urls, places and tags.
Tapoi builds rich and detailed user profiles describing the interests and preferences demonstrated by the users’ activities.
It offers the tools for studying particular verticals of interests and for answering to specific questions.

Tapoi in action: Twitter

This showcase demonstrates how Tapoi can take advantage of Twitter open data in order to:

Collect and anlyze the Twitter activities for creating user profiles that describe the attitudes of the users.

Analyze specific categories of interests of the users' profile for studying and exploring particular vertical dimensions.

Segment and cluster the user base according to the interests and preferences demonstrated in a particular dimension.

See Tapoi in action

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